Who is Tobbot?

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Tobbot Films was started by the fact that the artist in Wilmington are not finished telling stories. We are a film company that is interested in building a NEW film community that tells stories about the human spirit.

The fact is, we believe that’s something that’s missing in film today. It’s almost easy to put together a bunch of gorgeous people and slap together a script, but we don’t want to do that. An exploration of the human spirit is always difficult simply because we don’t often like looking at ourselves. We’re not always happy. Not all subjects put you in that feel good mood.

 What we are hoping for is to tell stories, whatever story, and give our audience a chance to think, to feel and to explore. The heart, the mind and the soul is what we want to touch. It was once said all you want is a reaction…That’s our goal. A reaction that brings you into our films, places you in the position of one of these characters. That’s me…That’s the response we’re after. Not all subject will be fun, but some are. We already have a wide range from Rom/Com to Drama to Social.

We hope you will join us on our trip of exploration into the human spirit…And we hope we tell YOUR story. We want to make you laugh, we want to make you cry but most of all we want to make you think.

Welcome to Tobbot…