And the journey begins…

Hey everyone. My name is J.R. and I’m the found of Tobbot Films, LLC. I wanted to take a second and tell you a little about Tobbot. We’re a small film company based in Wilmington, NC. We’re a group of storytellers that are interested in telling stories about the human spirit. I’ve been asked a number of times what makes Tobbot different. I don’t know that Tobbot is different in so much as maybe more centered on what we want to do. We don’t need superheroes, car crashes, fart jokes or bare breast. We’re a company that wants to tell your story. The story of the human spirit. We want to touch the soul, even with some of the darker subjects.

This blog is to touch base with you from time to time to let you know where we are and what we’re working on these days. Right now we are in the middle of shooting The Caesar of 6th St., a story about a mob boss that doesn’t bully or intimidate. He looks out for folks that can’t look out for themselves. We’ve also started looking for investors for our Romantic Comedy, Remember Yesterday. We’re very fortunate to have Jane McNeil (Dallas Buyers Club, Walking Dead) and Rick Forrester (Leatherheads, October Sky) already as part of the project as well as Kristi Ray(Sons of The Father). We also have partnered with Buffalo 8 Productions.

We will be posting new information as we progress. We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2017 and already have interest in new projects for the future. So, let me say, I hope you will join us as we move forward with our new group of storytellers and we look forward to hearing from you…And who knows, maybe one of the stories we tell will be yours. See you soon!!!