Remember Yesterday


When a first love reappears 20 years later, Jenny must unwind a lot of old hangups and issues to get out of her own way and let her self be happy.



Director/Writer – J.R. Rodriguez
Director of Photography – Nick Cocuzza
First Assistant Director – Jon Landau
Sound Design/Engineer – Joshua Stowe
Gaffer – Kyle Linderman
Costume Design – Susan Kranyik
Photography – Ken Oots

Main Cast:
Jenny Devlin-Hill – Jana Allen
John Raymond – Adrian Monte 
Stephen “Bear” Burley – Fracaswell Hyman
Katherine Ines – Mirla Criste
Shelly Covington – Denise Bass
Young Jenny – Jessi Hoadley
Young John – Jakob Gruntfest
Davie Devlin – Ron Fallica
Darrell Hill – Rick Forrester