The Caesar of 6th Street


A life that would have certainly lead to continuous abuse and fear, Rico Sparsa, a kid from the bad lands of New York, left to find a better life. After a series of brutal events, Rico take the reigns of a family business…However, he’s not your typical Godfather…If you have a problem, a bully, a thief…You can always call on The Caesar of 6th Street. “I own the Docks!!!”


Executive Producer: Patricia Pouty
Producer: J.R. Rodriguez
Director:Justin Bullock and J.R. Rodriguez

Director of Photography: Owen Flaherty
First AD/Editor: Owen Flaherty
Script Supervisor: Toria Campbell
Advisors: Nick Cocuzzo, Terry Linehan, Marty Landau

Rico Sparsa – J.R. Rodriguez
Charlie LeBeck – Rick Forrester
Olivia LeBeck – Arianna Tysinger
Manny Thompson – Robert Smith III
Joe Mason – Jerry Winsett
Sonny Gambon – Lee Lowrimore
Nardo Sparsa – Ken Vest
Damen Crochetti – Jamey Stone
Tommy LeBeck – Josh Bailey
Walter Jackson – Kaleb Edley
Becca Torres – Lily Nicole
Lucy Bigayan – Mirla Criste
Kim Madayag – Jessi Goei
Denny Stephenson – Christopher Rickert
Cameron Shield – Ray Wagner
RussLanger – Anthony Lawson
Billy “Boss” Causey – Paul Pittenger
Richard Davis – Stephen Vernon
Young Manny – Kegan Dubar
Young Rico – Abel Zukerman

Special thanks:
Be Unlimited Yoga
Dr. Doug Dixon
Ken, Sue and Jeremy Vest
Bottega Art Bar and Gallery
Sandy Peroto
and especially Journey 4 Josh